Soulstice- playing at beautiful, historic Los Pablanos Albuquerque. The Wedding Reception for Lana and Jared Kellog. A near perfect event for the band - dancing and all out celebrating all night from begining to end, applause at the end of each songs, the crowd singing along. What a great, enthusiastic and appreciative audience, a great venue - the staff were wonderful, the band played and sang brilliantly, zipping quickly from one song to the next, through rock, pop, R & B, funk, standards to current dance, Nat Cole to Michael Jacksonto Black Eyed Peas What a blast!

‪BRIDE Lana Idriss‪ "Thank you all so much Chris and Vicky! You did such an incredible job. Everyone had the best time and didn't want you to stop! I loved all the song choices you played! You really set a fun and energetic tone throughout the night! Xo"


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